Hue Festivals & Events

Hue Festivals & Events form an integral part of the rich cultural tradition of Hue which is quite famous among artists and art enthusiasts. It is primarily because of this that the in 1993, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) recognized the city as a World Cultural Heritage Site. In the words of Steve Loose, an Australian tourist who participated in the second Festival in 2002 "It was wonderful. The programme showed me the real Hue, with performances of the royal court, its music, dancing and folk songs."

Characteristics of Hue Festivals & Events - Hue Festivals & Events consists of traditional concerts, dance and theatrical performances, art exhibitions, and also conduct special tours to close by sites. Many games take place in the Hue Festivals & Events like sing the songs of bai choi, bai ve, gia gao (sing while pounding the rice), repartee songs etc. People also visit the Gia Lac Spring Fair Festival to pray for lucks and for pure entertainment. Hue Festivals & Events present a great combination of unique culture values, and ties and serve as a platform to promote peace, friendliness foster greater cultural exchange.
Hue Events generally include the following-

- Culinary events.
- calligraphy exhibits
- Ao dai (traditional Vietnamese dress) fashion shows.
- Painting and handicraft exhibitions.
- Tourism services.
- Nha nhac (royal court music) concerts.
List of Festivals in Hue
- Sinh Village Wrestling Festival - 10th day of the 1st lunar month
- Cau Ngu Festival Thuan An Beach -10th-12nd day of the 1st Lunar month
- Voi Fish Festival- 9th day of the 2nd lunar month
- Praying for good crop Festival - 13th day of the 2rd lunar month
Festivals in memory of the establishment of the village

- Pho O Village Ceremony - Bao Vinh Ha Village Festival
- Da Le Thuong Village Festival Da Le Thuong Village
- The Worshipping in hournor of the Founders of craftmen
Religious Festival
- Ca Voi Funeral Ceremony Phu Tan Village, Phu Vang District.
- The Mass for the Dead on the losing day of the capital At the Temples of Hue, especially at Soul Temples in the corner of Mai Tuc Loan and Le Thanh Ton Streets.
- Thu Le Forsaken Spirits Ceremony Thu Le Communal House in Quang Phu Commune, Quang Dien District

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Big festivals on the 7th lunar month are as follows-
- Duong No Ceremony
- Vietnamese all souls' day
- Buddha's Birth Day
- Hon Chen Temple Festival
Other Hue festivals
- Worshipping of the Founder of jewelry Truong An ward, An Phu Cat
- Traditional Festival for praying good crops
- Traditional Boat Racing Festival On Huong River September 2
- Kite-flying Festival Ngo Mon royal court. March 26
Hue Festivals & Events are the city's major upshot where various other art and cultural events take place. Every June the city celebrates its culture and the ancient traditions of this noteworthy city. A peaceful and humanitarian spirit presides over this entire celebration process.
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