When to visit Hue

Asked as to When to visit Hue, you will be advised to make your visit any time you wish to. And this is so because Hue experiences a year-round hot and hum tropical climate with daily temperatures normally exceeding 88F. Therefore, whenever you come here this Vietnamese city is ready to greet you with its historical past as well as its modern life.

However from October to March, rainy season reigns over Hue. At this time heavy shower with cloudy day may not probably be much supportive in case of a city sightseeing. However, rains fortunately lack the ability to resist the tourist flow even during the rainy season in Hue. Annual rainfall is substantial in all regions and torrential in some, ranging from 120 centimeters to 300 centimeters.

Again in the summer time weather adds to your journey the oppressive heat and humidity. However, since Vietnam has a tropical monsoon climate, with humidity averaging 84 percent throughout the year, because of differences in latitude and the marked variety of topographical relief, the climate tends to vary considerably from place to place.

Reach Hue during the time of its rich festivals. Nam Giao fiesta which is the ceremony in honor of the sky and earth attracts innumerable tourists to this place. Therefore the month of June, Hue experiences a magnificent combination of the world culture with that of this.

You can also arrive at Hue at the time of Hue Festival. And this also takes place in the month of June. According to the scenario of this festival, the King gets on the throne, 10 royal court music pieces are performed.

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A ceremony at Giao Dan is organised in the following orders: incense offering, pearl and silk offering, sacrifices and celebration words reading.

It would also be a wise decision to arrive at Hue during the Royal palace night which focuses on exploiting sparkling and illusory beauty of the Hue Royal Palace through activities of mandarins, eunuchs, maidens, elephants and horses. These evenings feature art performances, food and drink, royal games of Vietnam, Vietnam-Japan court music exchange and documentary film shows.
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