Nightlife in Hue

The tranquility of the capital city of Hue remains unruffled even in the late hours of the night as nightlife in Hue is very low key, as there are only four or five actual "bars" in the city that play host to the late sleepers in the wee hours of night. Apart from these bars, there are a few garden or travelers' cafes. It is for this reason alone that most visitors will find themselves in bed and asleep long before midnight.

However, it would be wrong to say that there are no nightlife options available in Hue. Some popular places that are the scene of action, while most of the city sleeps are given below:
The DMZ Bar, located on Le Loi St, close by the river is a lively bar popular with tourists and locals. The centre of attraction here is the pool table, which dominates the main, bar area and seems to be always in use.
Apocalypse Now Bar
Though tucked away at a corner of the city, Apocalypse Now Bar is a pulsating bar. Groovy tunes, intoxicating drinks and a seductive nocturnal ambience sets the mood here.
Party with the Locals at Hue
Some of the best time spent in Hue is by mixing with the local people mostly the young local population and have some nighttime fun.
Performance of Hue Folk Songs on the Perfume River

Those with an affinity for water and boat rides can sail off in the moonlight in the dragon boats that depart the wharf at 8:30pm. On this 2 hour long boat ride, passengers can enjoy performances by local artists who sing folk songs to the tune of traditional woodwind, stringed instruments and the teacups.
At the end of the performance, colored lanterns are released onto the river.